Autopilot do it for the animals

AUTOPILOT has something up their sleeve for the Animals Rock Festival on Saturday 13 November.
The band is excited about lending their time towards a good cause.
The annual Animals Rock fundraising event, to be held at the Hillcrest Wine Estate/Quarry will raise funds for animal welfare organisations such as Capetonians Against Animal Abuse.
Autopilot has been going through some line-up changes, but they are ready to rock for the animals this week.
The band’s lead guitarist, Kevin Sykes, and drummer, Nic Oebell, will be heading to the United Kingdom soon.
While they have found a new guitarist in Luke Revington, they are still on the hunt for a new drummer.
The rest of the band is made up of Robert Bouton on bass, Shane Coomber on guitar and backing vocals and the lovely Bridget Greybe on lead vocals.
Since the band was formed four or five years ago, they have seen quite a few members come and go, but Shane assures there are no hard feelings.
Although they describe their music as “softish rock”, Shane says the band is made up by an interesting combination of music tastes at the moment.
The band has been doing some experimenting and Saturday’s show will be welcoming local hip-hop freestyle artists, Johnny and Def F, from ETC Crew on stage.
Autopilot played a few shows with them at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown this year and the stage manager suggested they freestyle a song together.
A collaboration on the song “Candy” was subsequently born at Mercury in July.
“It’s an overflow from the National Arts Festival,” says Robert.
“It was a feeling of Grahamstown with a little bit of thought,” he says, explaining that the band gave Johnny and Def F the verse of their song and asked them to add their own lyrics to it.
While there have been a lot of transition periods between members, Autopilot is hoping to launch their CD soon and are planning a summer tour up the East Coast with the help of their Jagermeister and Sanctuary Studios sponsorships.
Shane says that now that the band is a unit again, they can get things done, maybey even releasing two albums next year.
“It’s been a disruptive six months,” says Robert adding that the band is now “picking up and putting the pieces together”.
Autopilot will be joining bands such as 7th Son, Reburn, Cold Hand Chemistry, Moment of Clarity and Nevay.
Bands will break for screening of the rugby on a big screen.
Tickets will be available at the gate for R100.
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To find out more about Autopilot, visit or find them on Facebook.
To hear their collaboration with ETC Crew, search for their song “Candy” on YouTube.


Bloody Fingers

MUSICIAN, Shaun Berry, plans to give a local charity a hand by putting his guitar where his mouth is.
Berry plans to play for 15 hours straight to raise funds for TLC Projects.
The Bleeding Fingers event will take place on Saturday 4 December from 9:00 at the Sound Studio in Milnerton.
TLC Outreach Projects is a registered non-profit organisation based in Table View.
They work with informal settlement in and around the Table View area and focus on early intervention and keeping children of the streets.
Berry is looking for sponsors to sponsor R15 for a hour or help with any donations of items like food or clothing.
“Anything that will help the disadvantaged community will be greatly appreciated,” Berry says.
He also invites any musician who would like to help to come and share the stage for a jam sessions.
“I wish more people would do something like this,” Berry says, adding that it is everyone’s responsobility to give back.
Berry will be leaving the country soon to ply his trade overseas and wanted to do something to give back before he left.
He says, as a society, we can only ignore something for so long before we are forced to take notice.
“If people just reached out a little bit more, it would make a big difference,” Berry says.
He urges people to step out of a selfish frame of mind “even if its just for the christmas period”.
Berry hopes that the initiative encourages other musicians to try similar drives.
“I know its tough and we can barely survive ourselves, but we cant leave anyone behind,” he says.
“We either move forward together as a community or we live our seperate lives and we go nowhere.
There will be plenty of refreshments on offer, as well as a cash bar, and Berry urges all to come and support.
Those who would like to sponsor but cannot be there on the day can call Berry on 073 208 8787.
For more information on TLC, visit
*Photo: Random Tams Photography *