Keeping it in the family

Jody Abel (left) and Callen Petersen make up Acoustic Element.

Classically trained cousins, Jody Abel and Callen Petersen are making shopping experiences a little sweeter for Canal Walk and Tygervalley shoppers on weekends.

With their instruments of choice, Jody on guitar and Callen on violin, they make up Acoustic Element.
The two, who are from Goodwood and Welgelegen respectively, have been soothing shoppers at the two Stutterfords branches for the last four months.
“We have been playing together for a couple of years obviously, because we are family,” Jody points out.
He explains that Callen was playing with a string quartet and one day needed a guitarist, which is where Jody jumped in.
People liked their sound and started asking for them and soon they were playing weddings and corporate functions.
The duo plays mostly jazz and contemporary music, but also do learn new songs on request.
“We like aiming to the younger crowd,” Jody says.
Jody started playing guitar with his library teacher in primary school and started classical training in high school, where he also did grading in flamenco and Spanish guitar.
Callen also started playing in primary school and has only recently started playing contemporary music.
When asked about his favourite song to play, Jody smiles, before answering that it’s “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls.
Besides their music, the cousins are also students. Jody is studying his second year in film and media at UCT, specialising in radio.
After completing his BCom, Callen is now studying fashion design and just did an internship at the Cape Town Fashion Week.
With the help of Jody’s teacher from Settlers High School, Hugo Smuts, Acoustic Element is busy recording a sample CD for promotional purposes.
The band is also looking for a percussionist and vocalist to join their ensemble. To find out more about Acoustic Element, join their Facebook Page or call Jody on 073 750 4902 or Callen on 079 215 2066. You can also email them at or

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