Fiery flamenco!

Saudiq Khan

Guitar maestro, Saudiq Khan, brings his fiery flamenco to Die Boer on Saturday 6 August.

Hailing from Cape Town, Saudiq lived in District Six as a child where he experienced the heart and soul of South African Cape Culture.
He was inspired by flamenco guitar music at an early age and in 1989 he travelled to Spain where he experienced the Spanish culture in the heart of the flamenco world of Seville.
During his nine-month stay, he studied under various flamenco aficionados, learning as much as he could from their techniques and style.
Saudiq is known for his passionate and fiery approach to the flamenco guitar. Great guitarists like Paco de Lucia, Rafael Riqueni and Vicente Amigo provided Saudiq with inspiration to compose his own pieces, which appear on his latest album Pure Soul.
He will perform his superb production Flamenco in Compas at Die Boer in Durbanville on Saturday.
Saudiq will be accompanied by two prominent artists, Robert Davids on cajon, and André Webb on bass.
Tickets cost R90 and can be booked on 021 979 1911.

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